Professional Services

Initial Public Offer

Pre-IPO consultation

  • Preparing preliminary analysis in regard of IPOs in Hong Kong
  • Creating an optimum corporate structure for IPOs in Hong Kong
  • Assisting in formulating strategic business plan
  • Sourcing of Pre-IPOs investors and investors negotiations


  • Engaging in due diligence work
  • Managing the process of drafting and verifying the prospectus’ content
  • Liaising with HKEx for obtaining listing approval and coordinating with other professional parties involved throughout the process

Compliance Advisory

  • Providing advisory services for newly listed issuers on the following matters:
    • before the publication of any regulatory announcement, circular or financial report;
    • where a transaction, which might be a notifiable or connected transaction, is contemplated including share issues and share repurchases;
    • where the listed issuer proposes to use the proceeds of the initial public offering in a manner different from that detailed in the listing document or where the business activities, developments or results of the listed issuer deviate from any forecast, estimate, or other information in the listing document; and
    • where the HKEx makes an inquiry of the listed issuer under Listing Rule or GEM Listing Rule
  • Ensure the listed issuer is properly guided and advised as to compliance with the Listing Rules and all other applicable laws, rules, codes and guidelines
  • Accompany the listed issuer to any meetings with the HKEx